Monday, January 20, 2020

Forget botox, the new buzz word is "collagen", and this skin friendly protein that was being marketed in the form of supplements and as an important ingredient in creams and serums. The latest entrant in the anti aging arena, however, is the collagen drink that is apparently a huge hit already.

This drink brings about a dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles in a matter of days, so much so that women are already queuing up for this magic potion. To order your pure collagen powder, please use the new shopping cart system or you can just whatsapp/sms 0182722880!

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  1. nanti balik rumah i order lagi.. busy la lately... ubat kurus tak ada ke haahhahaaa... malas nak exercise lah.. makan tak byk pon tapi still gebang body ni...

  2. Mulan, makan collagen over a period of time, boleh reduce weight sebab collagen is protein. It helps in retaining our muscle :)

    Ps : u pegi mana this school hols?

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