Thursday, September 8, 2011

My cake!! Urgh!

What happened when u lost ur baking mojos? A "broken" cake I guess. That was what happened yesterday. Iman ada jamuan hari raya kat sekolah. I was supposed to bake a cake for her the nite before. But I dont have milk, and I was too lazy to go out. So, pagi semalam, aku pun buat ler cake. My heart wasnt really into it. I havent been baking cakes for more than 3 weeks dah. I just lost it.. I cant find my mojos even now..

It was a simple enuff to do cake, the devil food chocolate cake. No matter how limited the time is, I always managed to bake this cake to perfection. But yesterday was a disaster. The cake crumbled when I flipped it on the cooling rack. I guess it resembles how I feel inside. I wanted to cry. Everytime aku bake, my failure percentage has always been almost 0. But not yesterday.

Iman waited kat pondok guard at her school, hoping for mama's freshly baked cake, but only to be greeted with store bought cake. Takpe la kakak, nanti mama buat lagi ye. Cake semalam, mama buat popsicle cake je la



  1. Takpe Shidah, dont fret too much. Once your baking mojo has come back, hari2 you bake cakes for Iman ye to make up for the flop!
    Hopefully bila I kat Msia nanti, your baking mojo dah materialised lah so boleh lah I jadi gumuks from eating your cakes, hehehe.

  2. tkpe shidah
    tk lama lg sure ur baking mojo dtg balik

  3. the mojo merajuk kot kak.. dah lama tak kawan dgn dia.. kena kerap prektis balik kot ;)
    i had to bake something for insyirah's class tmrw tp sgt malas! letih dok layan kain baju yg tak sudah2 tu. huhuhu...

  4. no worries dear shidah.. i ni langsong takde mood nak raya this year.. dunno why.. no biscutis from my oven.. tu pon lasti minute bikin carrot cake & brownies sbb my biras pujuk2.. rasa pon dah lari2 once i telan cake tu.. isshh teruk..

    nanti nak raya rumah u..

    zarin oooo zarin, jom raya rumah shidah jom..!!!

  5. Shidah,
    Alahai! Tak pe, nanti-nanti datang la mojo membakor kek. Don't worry eh :)

  6. Cheer Up girl...baking mood will be back soon. But I wouldn't go on baking whenever I feel I don't have baking mood... and if I MUST make cake with 0% fail free.. I steamed it! hehehe ^,^

  7. Tak hilang aih your baking mojo tu. Maybe it takes a breather je kot. Don't worry, you'll be baking beautiful delicious cakes sooner than you think you will.

  8. alahai but sometimes memang ada hari hari tak menjadi dear - dont worry u still terror baking but sebab dah tak ada mojo kena take a break lagi or try bake benda lain lak :)

  9. Where have U been??!
    I want to share something for U in my page:
    I think you need a bit cheer up thing with some awards :))

  10. Assalamualaikum girls,

    TQ so much for the words of encouragement. InsyaAllah, I'll start blogging and baking again. :)

    Citra, I'll do your tag this weekend. Thank you dear :D