Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crying in the Rain..

Today, for more than 1 hour, I cried my heart out.. Why? I dont really know... Suddenly, the pool of invisible tears that I've been holding inside my heart burst! I was never a cry baby, and I'm not a cry baby now. Even when the worst hit me, I cried not more than 1/2 hour. But to cry for more than 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour to be exact, something is definitely wrong with me. I just couldnt stop the tears from flowing.

After crying so much, with swollen eyes and red nose, I went to eat McD Sundae. I feel so much better now. Thank you Allah..


  1. Oh dear! *hugs* I wish I could be of a help... I know, there are times when the crying is just necessary no matter how strong we are. It's something within us that only we understand.
    But I must say, to be able to have a McD sundae afterwards, is cool! ;)

    *La tahzan... Allah menguji kesabaran hamba-hambaNya.* a reminder for me, too.

  2. What's up ? Hope whatever it is, will be over soon...InsyaAllah..Just have faith in Him.

  3. shidah....nape tak call i ? i boleh teman kan u....alah u ni....i punya lah lepak habis kat rumah tak tahu nak buat apa...ehh cal me lah boleh i temankan u makan sundae...i pantang nasi je yang lain lain i oraite jee....jom jumpa esok nak?

    harap2 dah okay sikit ya...anyway esok kita pekena teh tarik jom...ehh ice cream aa

  4. Hidup adalah universiti kehidupan.. tempat kita belajar utk memperbaiki diri dan mendekatiNya.. Sayang pada manusia, mereka akan pergi..Jika kita menumpahkan sayang pada Allah sesungguhnya Dialah sebenar2 kekasih..Bangunlah bersolat dan menangis di tengah Malam.. Allah pasti akan hantarkan bantuan Insya-ALLAH

  5. Hanya doa agar you're ok. Sometimes crying does help a lot.

  6. **Big hugs for U dear.
    Reading your note, make me blue also. Me too.. these lately day (since this fall) my feeling swing up and down. I wish, we are close, I'll come to U right away to cheer U up. Işte hayat, that's life Dear. Up and down, happy and sad. Just be patient in any ways living it Dear. Saya biasanya ambil air tuk wudhu lalu pergi sholat untuk "mengadu" to mighty Allah...

    kiss ^,^

  7. oh dear!*hugs kiri hugs kanan*
    hope u r feeling better now!
    when was it? is it after or b4 i called u? if after, seriuosly i tk perasan coz u sounded so happy..

  8. shidah dear... why ni.. hope u're feeling ok now.. call me anytime yeah, if u need anyone to talk to, I'm available all d time insyA..

  9. Assalam shidah..
    hope everything is ok ya..
    its ok to cry to relieve yourself..rasa lega lepas tu..

  10. k.lili,

    thank you! my heart is warmer. and the sundae did help a lot! hehehe.. i was able to smile and laugh again after that. and i feel a contentment that i've never felt before.

  11. zuera,

    aku on an emo roller coster. with pms, taking hormone pills lagi, i'm too overwhelmed :)

  12. k.siti,

    hehe.. that will be nice! lama betul kita tak lepas kat McD tepi jalan tu :)

  13. zana,

    thank you. alhamdulillah, aku feel so much better. actually this is one of the best episode in my life when it comes to dekatkan diri pada Allah :)

  14. Citra,

    Thank you for the big hug. It makes me warmer inside with so many hugs that I've received. i'm sorry for making u feel blue too. it's fall over there now rite?

    it's raining almost everyday here in msia, i guess the rainy season is making me a bit melancholic. alhamdulillah i feel so much better now. *hugs*

  15. zarin,

    hahahaha.. i think kan, i dah jadi a bit cry baby nowadays. when i listen to brother nouman talk about women, and how he explained that Allah jadikan perempuan ni, complicated to understand, logic and reasoning doesnt work on them. it makes me understand myself better. patut la i can cry for no obvious reason yesterday :)

  16. Mulan,

    Thank you!! i still couldnt figure out why i cried buckets yesterday. I think kan, sepanjang 20 tahun hidup i, kalau i kumpulkan air mata tu, not even 50% of the amount of tears that I shed yesterday. ishk! punya la banyak :)

  17. Salam Ayu,

    I'm ok now. Stabilised.. hehe.. this emo roller coster seems to be making a stop soon. and yes, after crying so much, i feel so much better. rasa tenang.. pelik kan :D

  18. Unaizah,

    Thank you for ur doa. I feel so much better. Now I know, it's ok to cry for no obvious reason :)

  19. it is ok to cry babe - i cry every day to Allah now :)
    life is hard anyway just live and enjoy anyway
    whatever it is, with reason or without one i hope you will be OK ye

  20. erma,

    thank you. i realised that i have to cry hanya pada Allah. alhamdulillah i'm ok now :)