Thursday, November 29, 2012

A short trip to Penang

It was a really short trip. My youngest sister nak register for her final semester, takde orang nak temankan, so hubby took an EL for two days and drove us to Penang.
Our mission : Jalan2 cari makan



  1. wah! orang penang pun x penah sampai half of the place u went!

  2. Hehe.. my sister kan study kat USM. Dia la yg suggest. Pastu i find the places using waze

  3. Suka penang...hum bila la blh ke sana lg ni?

  4. No 'Line Clear'?

    No wonder I see so little of Fareq when I go to the kedai ubat! He is away on extended holidays - eating!

    Beautiful picture but I am unable to grasp most of what you write because it is in Bahasa Melayu. Sorry.

    1. Line Clear is not in my list of Nasi Kandar coz it is not as delicious as before. In fact the place is quite dirty.

      fareq is not my husband. he is my friend's husband :D