Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day out with the girls

Normally, on weekends, I would stay home. Tapi last weekend, aku keluar dengan the girls. Zuleika came for sleepover. So Sunday tu we went out. As usual, tempat lepak favourite adalah Chili's. Tq Warque bagi kita orang makan free! It was a great bonding time with Layla, Matju and their broods.

After the session in Chili's Empire, we send Zuleika off to Lake Club for her aikido class and went to KLCC. I met Dila, a friend whom I havent met for more than 5 years. Kebetulan anak Dila yang sulung belajar language kat British Council. Kita orang lepak kat San Francisco Coffee KLCC. Now they are having promotion, buy 1 free 1 if you have cimb credit card or debit card. 

I love their organic lollies! sedap!

No coffee for the girls! :D


  1. best dapat jumpa u tapi kita lupa nak foto2 kan.. next time insyA.. this weekend punya trip to kl dah kena cancel...

    1. Mulan, tu la.. lupa nak ambik gambar. Nanti datang kl bagitau ye :)