Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster High Again! :D

 Create A Mummy & Gorgon Girls

These are another pair of dolls we got from Mattel. Thanks! ^_^  Okay, when I first got these dolls, they weren't what I expected. I was quite surprised on the "ability" of the dolls. I have to say, they are very unique. And I totally love them. Maybe some kids will get freaked out though but they'll still love these dolls. :3  (Don't mind the paper behind them.) 

That is the first doll, The Mummy doll.This doll is just gorgeous and I love her. And by far, I think she has the nicest and softest hair. I can't seem to stop playing with her hair. By the way, all the mummies are gorgeous. xD  And now for the second one: 

The Gorgon doll. She's.. snake-ish..? I don't really know how to describe her, but my little cousins seem to love her for some apparent reason. :-) Her hair is plastic, so no combing activities. She has scaly skin where as the Mummy had carvings on her skin ( probably to represent the Mummy wrapping) 

Right, now about their "specialness". I was really, really surprised. super surprised

You can dissect them. Literally. And make a mutant. The heads can be pulled of too, along with the hair. :D I love them. And here's an example: 

Notice the change? :3  Recommended for kids that wants to become doctors and surgeons. :DD 

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  1. Hi! Nice review :) Just a tip: the heads on your dolls are pushed too much on the neck, they simply need to 'sit' on them ;)