Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monster High Review! :D

Sorry it took a long time to write this one. ^^ I was busy with school exams. :-) So this review is about   Create-A-Monster Colour Me Creepy doll. It's a werewolf one. :)

(credits to the owner of this pic)

Once again, I'm very surprised by what this doll can do.. Well, I get surprised everytime. :) This one is different from the others. It's quite.. special ^^ It attracts me because you can create and design this doll using the designing tools (the stylus) , the accessories and body parts can change colours.
( I edited these photos using Photogrid. It's awesome!)

1. How the shoes originally looks. It has white lines. :D

2. I put them in cold water ( The container is cute too! ^_^ ) The colour of the white lines changes into black.

3. And when you put them in hot water, the black lines turns white again.

The accessories. When you put them in cold water, it sort of changes into a darker colour. ?heheheh, I bet kids will love this one.

Next are the dresses:

There are 3 different dresses, and the doll isn't short. I took the picture at an angle which made the doll look super short. :D Oh yea, you can dissect the body parts just like the Mummy & Gorgon doll. :3 You can take the cute ears off too.

Plus, when you put the head of the doll into cold water, the make-up changes into a darker shade. The lips turns into dark purple (they were originally a light shade of pink) and the light blue eyeliner turns into a beautiful dark green aqua colour. And of course, put it ito hot water to change it back to normal.

The body parts(not just the legs)  can change colours  from pinkish peach to orange when placed in cold water.  :)

Some of the designing tools:

The red stylus is the friction pen, which you can use to "draw" on the doll. :) If the body parts are orange, they can change back to pink if you rub them so you can use the friction pen to draw on the doll.

The blue one can be used to colour the doll. Btw, you can fill the blue stylus with cold water. Push the top of the stylus and t
he container inside of the stylus will pop out, then you can fill it with  cold water.

The container is the one I used to put the legs in. :3 ( there's another one but smaller, the small one is shaped like a skull and I used it to put the accessories in)

^_^  Create-A-Monster Colour Me Creepy doll Set:

Written by : Tengku Nur Iman


  1. my gegirl's monster high water bottle hilang kat sekolah... punya lah jauh beli.. habis collection dia.. hope ada yg terbaik utk dia lepas ni insha Allah..

  2. Mulan,

    she likes monster high? I tak pernah nampak water bottle monster high kat sini. Where did u buy?