Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monster High Review: Frankie Stein 😊

Hey. I'm back for another Monster High review. :-) This one is about Frankie Stein, the daughter of the infamous Frankenstein. :D Just like always, this doll is very beautiful. :) Frankie also has a special feature. :D

Background (Info from Frankie is very young, being alive only for 15 days. She is very athletic and friendly but is very clumsy as her body parts tend to fly off. She is very naïve due to her young age and doesn't seem to know a lot about teenage life or life itself.

Frankie is friendly, sweet, and polite with a clumsy streak. She is the most naive of all the girls; being so young, so she tries to learn all she can about the world through monster teen magazines, although their advice often cause awkward moments for her.
Despite setbacks, she remains upbeat, hopeful and determined to find her place within Monster High. Frankie can also be insecure and react too quickly, such as instantly Gossip.

So back to the doll, Frankie has white hair with black stripes. She  has one blue coloured eye and the other is green ( due to heterochromia which gives her odd coloured eyes) Besides that, Frankie Stein has 2 bolts sticking from both sides of her neck to help her absorb electrical energy that allows her body to keep on moving. She also has "stiches" drawn all over her body. Well, she is Frankenstein's daughter. :3

The doll has a button at her stomach that lights the doll up ( for a short amount of time) and releases an electric sound. :D Hah, my cousin couldn't stop pressing the button -_- Heh, I couldn't either. This doll's special feature is very interesting. :) Kids love this type of thing.

I love playing with her hair. It's one of the softest between the dolls. The Mummy doll has the softest one though. Frankie's hair can easily be styled. So I spend my time tying her hair and all. :D

Frankie has a crush on Cleo De Nile's boyfriend, Deuce Gorgon but her feelings weren't returned. Later, she harbours a crush on Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde, a Scottish Gargoyle football player, and Brett Redding. She briefly dated Billy Phaidin but neither felt the "sparks" so Frankie then gets back together with Brett after realizing her feelings for him were stronger. :)

This is it for this review. Credits to : Mattel. ^_^

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