Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monster High Review : Twyla

This time the review is about Twyla the daughter of the Boogeyman. :) Twyla is extremely beautiful .. She looks like one of the human celebrities. ^_^  The perfect word to describe Twyla would be shy. She's very shy and often misunderstood. She likes to sit at the dusty corners or be surrounded by shadows.

Her boogey powers allow her to be completely invisible and the shadows allow her to swiftly travel from one place to another. :D Twyla has two bestfriends Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergheist. Howleen was actually the first student who noticed Twyla due to her acute sense of smell even though Twyla was invisible.

Twyla has a pet dust bunny named Dustin. He has purple fur. Dustin always welcomes her when she returns home from school. Dustin gets easily blown away by the wind so he doesn't often come out anymore. Twyla's taste in boys are similar to Howleen's but currently she doesn't hold interest in anyone in particular.

Twyla has a special feature which I personally find .. scary but interesting. ._. but scary . We'll get to that part later. :) Twya has super soft hair that beats the Mummy's hair. ^^ Super soft , beautiful long hair. :D

The soft and long  hair makes it easier to style it. :) Braids, pony tails, twin tails or anything. :D Right,  for her special feature. ^^ Twyla's eyes can glow in the dark.  Which kind of scares me .. O.o

To make her eyes glow. You have to "charge" it by placing her eyes directly under sunlight, or any light source for 30 seconds. :-)

This picture has Dustin ( Twyla's pet ) , her handbag , diary and comb ^_^

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