Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wall Stickers

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My Korean SIL, Mina, brought these stickers in untuk dijual. To those yang interested, can email me at shidah219@yahoo.com for detail. Ada 2 types of stickers. Satu for rooms/living room etc, and lagi satu tu aluminium sheet printed stickers for kitchen. Sometimes bila masak, minyak terpercik kena wall kitchen, so this aluminium sheet makes our cleaning work easier. All the stickers are made in Korea. Thus the quality of the stickers are different from those yang made in China.

Wall stickers are priced at RM25 each (excluding delivery) - size 60cm x 30cm
Kitchen stickers are priced at RM35 each (excluding delivery) - size 45cm x 250cm

Aku ada tempek few stickers kat dinding rumah aku and most of my friends thought that those were hand painted. hehehe.. perasan kejap aku.



  1. hey! am looking for this kinda of sticker!! ermm.. actually for my MIL. dia terbekenan the sticker on my fridge.. tp i lupa beli dari blog mana satu! haha :p
    pst! u jual ke corelle tu?

  2. mrs june,

    haa.. then boleh la beli stickers my korean SIL tu... hehe. actually byk lagi design, but currently she's bringing in those few designs je.

    err.. i tak jual corelle. corelle tu semua i punya. tamakkan? i rasa guilty jugak, but cant help it :D

  3. putri,

    yes. semua stickers ada stock coz each design ada few pcs. which one yang you nak?

  4. Hi Sizuka, hey....the stickers are beautiful! Love them.
    Any with women? Ha ha ha, just joke joke.
    Notice the Corelle....my wife loves that. For our dinners she uses that.
    You have fun and keep well, Lee.
    ps, ada nampak doctor ada datang, ha ha.

  5. Uncle Lee,

    yup, it's pretty kan. I fall in love with it the moment I saw it kat my Korean SIL's house.

    I think most practical women will love corelle. it's pretty, simple, practical :D

  6. the stickers are of really good quality... !!
    gum pun so kuat melekat ..but stil leh bukak n tampal blk stil kuat lg !!

  7. salam sofea,

    that's the reason i suka sgt2 the stickers. kalau the ones yg lekat kat wall tu, nampak mcm lukisan. lawa sgt :)

    thank you for positive feedback :D