Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping at

As I was browsing through their extensive website, I came across this item. Initially aku ingatkan my eyes were playing trick on me, but I was wrong. There was nothing wrong with my eyes. They saw exactly what it was printed on the web.

One of the review that I read which I found really amusing. :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Bargain, October 17, 2010
This review is from: Breguet Classique Complications Tourbillon Messidor Mens Rose Gold Watch 5335BR/42/9W6 (Watch)
I actually first saw this watch at a neat little store in Luxembourg, as I was refilling my ruby-encrusted helicopter with gasoline made out of unicorn tears. I passed it by, thinking nothing of it, but as I landed on the solid gold helipad of my fourteen-story chateau, it got me thinking: What am I missing in my life? I asked my pedigree manservant to fetch me the name of this trivial timepiece, and with a knowing chuckle I discovered that this Tourbillon watch came from the same countryside workshop as my armoir made of faberge eggs! Hearing this, of course, it had to be mine. Having purchased this watch, I can tell you first hand that it is worth every penny. The ability to tell the time when I look at my wrist is well worth the money. Of course, I had to buy three for my long-wristed manservant; sometimes it is a bit too much trouble to look at one's own arm. But whether you're scaling a custom-made solid platinum full-scale replica of Mt. Everest, or diving to the depths of the Adriatic Sea in your sapphire-encrusted submarine, you can be sure that this watch will tell you the time.

Oh ya, the watch price? 

List Price: $139,900.00
Price: $118,199.99
You Save: $21,700.01 (16%)
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  1. errr.. err.. i was speechless! reading the review, that is. rasa macam baca novel mills&boons dolu2!

  2. ju,

    hahahha... i think that person yang tulis the review was being sarcastic. tapi jam tu cantik kan? I think I have to be a billionaire dulu baru boleh beli. but again, i might not. might as well sedekah duit to those yang perlu, insyaAllah. :D

  3. ju, how come u're not asleep yet? baru perasan time :D

  4. Shidah

    Thank youlah pada itu watch. Tak pernah mimpi pun.. I wonder who wld buy that? Of coslah the rich and the famous, tul tak?

    Alhamdulillah I'm still using my old and faithful CJ n Tag (nih pun ofis beri, hehe). Dua2 tu I guna dah <> 20 thn.

  5. Adehhh! For the price of that watch, I 'd rather settle for a Beemer! But then again, I wouldn't invest in a car...let's go for a decent house somewhere in laid-back Lenggong (anywhere rural, for that matter!)! Cutting ourselves from the hustle and bustle of city life...ish, ish, ish. Yet again, I'd rather live in a small house with access to the nearest mall than die of boredom in a quiet surroundings!

    Come to think again...even the watches I'm wearing now have set me back for a few months of 'no-shopping'! waaaa)) Like CS, I'm still with my faithful L and ML.

    Any which way, I'm grateful with what little I have. ;=D

    *sorry Shidah, another anecdote instead of a comment! Hahahaha))

  6. *Ooopsie, "Bimmer" is the correct nickname for bmw! So, buat2 tak nampak ek, that beemer! :))

  7. the late time explains why am not functioning well.. sampai takleh baca between the lines :p.
    a troops of my extended family came frm penang & i brought them here & there.. 1am baru back at home.. terlebih masa tidur makes me hard to put my eyes to sleep.. itu yg layan pc jap. panjang cerita plak ;) akak dah balik sini ke?

  8. CS,

    hehe.. I pun memang tak mimpi la nak pakai jam tu. kalau boleh afford sekali pun, I'd rather beli emas 2-3kg. kurang2 bila time takde duit, boleh pegi pajak.. hahaha ..

    ps : i tak penah pakai jam sejak dua menjak jadi gemuks :D

  9. Salam K.lili,

    I love reading ur anecdote. Actually I pun mcm tu jugak, cuma bab hidup jauh dari shopping mall tu susah la sikit. baru 2 minggu duduk kat kampung, I dah rasa mcm nak nangis. sebabnya I cant go to any shopping mall, no late nite coffee with friends, no Chillis with the kids dan macam2 lagi. rasa sangat2 kehilangan bila dah biasa duduk bandar, then suddenly duduk kampung.

    my dream car is a hummer. hehe.. ganas sikit :D

  10. Ju,

    I'm back!! with ur rempah laksa tau. so nanti bila2 free, just singgah kat rumah I. waa.. jadi tourist guide adalah satu penyiksaan. err.. tu pada I la. Letih wor jadi tourist guide. few hours pun dah nak tercabut kaki, ni kat one whole day :D

  11. Psst Shidah
    Norman KRU ada hummer ...

    Most of the time bila keluar, I dont wear my watch which satu ketika dulu adalah menjadi kepantangan I kalau tak pakai watch kemana2.

    Ntahlah.. am not wearing watch all the time kot I rasa the time is mine, and all mine (dah takde deadline nak kejar, kekdahnya)

  12. CS,

    Norman KRU boleh afford hummer, I cant.. huhuhu..

    Sama la kita CS. Sekarang ni with handphone sentiasa dalam kocek, tak terasa pulak the need to wear watch. kalau nak tengok time, just keluarkan handphone. :D

    yes, I setuju sgt2. pastu bila I terlupa time nak ambik anak, my hubby akan membebel 2-3 hari.. hahahah...