Saturday, November 6, 2010

Selsema & Hot weather

Bila panas macam ni, with hidung yg decided to go on 40km marathon, I dont have much choice but to cook something light. Kebetulan masa blog hopping tadi, singgah kat rumah K.Min and I saw her beautiful Thai Roast Chicken Salad, terus teringin nak buat salad yang sama. Actually hubby requested for Sambal Tumis Daging and Masak Lemak Kobis. In this weather, I really wanna minimised my time in the kitchen. So hari ni, terpaksa la I jadi isteri "kurang mithali".. hehehe.. sorry ye dear hubby, next time. Tunggu you balik from Johor on Tuesday je la ye.

Oh ya, I did some modification to my Honey Semifreddo. I added pistachios to it, whisk it again and freeze it again. And I think it tasted better, well ikut my taste bud la.

Thai Salad with Thai Beef Chili

Semifreddo with load of pistachios and honey! 

Thank you K.Min for sharing the wonderful salad recipe. Recipe for the salad can be found here. But as you can see, my salad memang langsung tak sama dengan yang K.Min buat or the one featured kat website tu. Aku guna whatever available in the kitchen. The sauce saje yang sama.

Pastu for the Thai Chili Beef, it was an adaptation from my Vietnamese Ricepaper Rolls dipping sauce. The recipe can be found here
Thai Chili Beef
1/2kg beef - thinly sliced ( I bought thinly sliced meat kat butcher. save the trouble slicing it)
2 biji cili hijau - minced
2 biji cili merah - minced
4-5 cili padi - minced
7-8 ulas garlic - crushed
4 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs fish sauce
salt, sugar
coriander leaves
1/4 cup water

1. goreng beef dgn minyak byk sampai garing but jgn hangit, toskan
2. panaskan kuali with canola oil about 1 tbs, tumis bwg putih dgn cili hijau, merah n cili padi. add water
3. bila air dah mendidih, masukkan lemon juice, fish sauce, garam and gula.
4. biarkan til sauce jadi pekat, then add daging, kacau. pastu campur coriander leaves, then hidangkan.

Actually, boleh je kalau takmau tumis, just mix everything to the cooked meat. So jadi another salad :)


  1. Hello Sizuka, wow! Sedap tu what you made. Ada lag?
    Itu second one saya ta'pernah makan, machine orang jakun ni, ha ha.
    You are very good. Family pun suka hat....
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    Sorry for the late reply. I wasnt feeling too good over the weekend. Been in and out of deep slumber due to sore throat, flu and cough. The only thing missing was fever. *sigh*

    How was ur weekend? It was scorching hot for the past few weeks. When it's hot, hot and spicy food is out of question. Simple thai or vietnamese dish are more suitable for the palate. you should try the thai salad, it's delicious. u'll definitely have to come to my house for dinner one day. I'll cook something special for you.

    Take care! Thank you for dropping by. :D