Monday, June 17, 2013

Monster High - Scaris City of Frights

This review is written by Iman: 

Hey, i just wanted to tell you about what i think of Monster High new limited edition Scaris City of Frights. It's awesome! I don't really like dolls but i can't help but to love Monster High's dolls especially this new limited edition dolls and accessories.

The dark colours appeal to me instead of the usual pink, pink and pink. Not to mention, the dolls and cafe are made very detail. Even as a 13 year old i totally in love with Monster High products. The dolls aren't really girly because of the Gothic look. 

They  give kids new ideas about a totally different world where there are different creatures of all sorts. Ex: Gargoyles, vampires,werewolves, dragons and lots more. But of course they are only fictional characters and does not exist. :) As you can see, my sister Iffah,  cousins, zulaikha and even the 3 year old Ara enjoyed playing with Rochelle Goyle ( daughter of the gargoyle)  as seen in the photos. That's all ^^ 

Iffah assembling the cafe.

Ara looking at how kak Zulaikha attaching the wings on the doll

Attaching the wings

Voila! Done and looking beautiful!


  1. haaa ada kawan sorang kat rumah ni.. sudah crazy sama monster high.. also moshi monsters... apa laaa pelik2 nama ada monster2 ni.. i thot scary ones tapi cute pulak kaler hitam & pink kan..

    1. mulan,

      the girls were never into dolls. then last week someone from an advertising agency contacted me, mintak tolong tulis review and she gave a doll and the cafe for free. the girls ok pulak sebab colour bukan pink and they can relate to it :D

  2. they sell it online? Tak penah nampak pulak kt toys r us.

  3. You can find in toys r us. Their new collection :)