Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cheap abaya/jalabiya and jubah from the Middle East


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I'm selling imported abaya,  jalabiya and jubah for men, women and kids. The clothes are imported from Syria, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai & Saudi. Price? Cheap and affordable!

Please browse through some samples attached here.

From Syria - beadworks design, cotton sateen
This jalabiya is adorned with embroideries and heavy beadworks. Material used is Cotton Sateen. It's a bit shiny, but still, smooth and cooling. We have more in Syria collections. We have more collections in previous month albums!

From Qatar - embroidered, Egyptian cotton

Beautiful cotton jalabiya adorned with colourful embroideries. Match it with your favourite shawl or shayla. Material used is Egyptian cotton. See more in Qatar cotton collections 2 and Qatar cotton collections 1. We have more collections in previous month albums!

From Dubai - black abaya with shayla

Black abaya imported from Dubai made from Nada or Crepe. Embellished with sparkling sequins in various colors and adorned with charming design embroideries. See more in Dubai collections.

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  1. Shidah...size yg u tulis kat gambar tu aje ke?..boleh pilih size tak?

  2. mulan, sila pilih yg mana satu idaman kalbu :D

  3. k.siti,

    yes. kalau nak tanya apa2 related to the abaya, k.siti call mas at 0122455121.

  4. How much are your gowns? And how do I get them? Or where can I view them. I'm in Nigeria. I want them as wholesale.

  5. Great collection. I am looking for some good collection of sequin abayas for gifting it to my sister on her birthday. I would definitely consider these while placing an order for the same.