Monday, March 29, 2010

Kota Kinabalu - Day 1

Penat betul on Friday tu. We started our day a bit late. Hubby slept at 5am, dok berborak sakan dengan his childhood friend, Faisal. After Zohor, kita orang keluar cari makan. We ate at a place call ApiWon. I hate the food there. It's almost tasteless. Iman and Iffah didnt like their lunch at all, thus, tak habis makan. Aku pulak dengan tonsillitis yang teruk, it was very hard to swallow. Dah la bangun pagi rasa nak demam. It wasnt a good day at all. Iffah and Iman were hungry before we reach Crocodile Farm. Rasa geram pun ada jugak. But I can understand, food kat Sabah is not something to look forward to. Kalau takat makan seafood, memang best la. Sabah is seafood heaven!

We arrived at Crocodile Farm before the show started. Everyday, they have crocodile show at 3pm and one more at an earlier time, which aku cant remember pukul brapa.Pening kepala aku dengan the kids yang tersangat excited with everything. They were running everywhere. Lin and Faisal, our host, ada 3 kids, Alisa is 17, Malik is 10 and Sofia is 9. Sofia and Malik is of same age with Iman and Iffah. So boleh imagine tak mcm mana havocnya dia orang berempat tu? Adoi! memang sakit kepala la..

The crocodile show kat farm tu memang superb. It's not like the one yang kat Melaka. This one more thrilling sebab dia org yang buat show tu memang berani giler. Kalau tengok buaya yang dia org guna, besar!. Aku yang tengok dari jauh pun rasa serun yang amat. Especially masa the trainers nak suruh buaya tu beraksi. But I think, the trainers hypnotised the crocodile before starting the show sebab the crocodiles nampak mcm blur. Hahahha.. macam la aku tahu kalau crocodile blur rupa mcm mana. Anyway, since aku dah peram entry ni quite a while, I'll publish this with gambar from crocodile farm :D

Safely arrived at KK airport after almost missed our flight due to AirAsia stupidity. The printed departure time was 4.20pm, but the actual departure time was at 4.05pm. We boarded airasia bus at 2.00pm, but we reached the LCCT airport at 3.20pm sebab driver bas tu bawak bas macam siput! Argh!!! Nasib baik la the counter staff faham our predicament, dia bagi jugak check in. By the time sampai kat gate, orang dah beratur nak board the flight. Phew!

Us at Crocodile Farm.

The baby monkey that Iman wants very much to take home. But definitely cannot la kan.

Tengok la trainer ni, berani betul!

I'm in love with Sabah!! I love the place, the people, but I hate the food!!

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