Saturday, June 26, 2010

Airis Aisha Collection

This entry is dedicated to Watie, the owner of Airis Aisha Collection. Since raya dah nak dekat, maka mari la beramai2 membeli kain cotton yg lawa2 kat Airis Aisha. Kalau malas nak keluar pegi to Jalan TAR, just browse her blog, choose the design that you want, then bank-in the payment. Voila! your kain will be delivered to you.

Why am I promoting Airis Aisha? It's because, she's a dear friend of mine. Her hubby, Kevin and my hubby have known each other from college. Kalau tengok muka dia orang dua orang pun, seiras, almost like twins except that hubby's tummy is bigger than Kevin. Rite Watie? hehe.. Shhh!! Dont tell Sham that I said that in my blog ye. I love Watie's cotton collections which she handpicked each of the pieces. Tak rugi kalau beli. Her collections were featured in WHI. So, apa lagi! Cepat la shopping :D

Some of the available designs

RM140 (4 mtr) code : FB304
RM140 (4 mtr) code : LN163
If you guys are interested, please contact : 
Zalina 0166347522, Razilawati 0192880571 (BB Pin: 21F827E0)
Airis Aisha Collection @38b (2nd floor) Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.  email:

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