Friday, December 10, 2010

Full Day...

I went to watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with Iman, Iffah, K.Siti and her two girls, Zulaikha and Suhaila. I bought the tickets yesterday for the morning show so that we can get early bird price (the cheapskate in me... hahahhaa). Since it's school holiday, tiket memang kena beli a day earlier kalau taknak frust menonggeng. If not, it will be like Wednesday baru ni, the whole day, panggung fully booked except for cerita yg tak best macam Hantu Mak Limah Balik Rumah.

Aku bukan tak nak support cerita melayu, tapikan, aku dah sampai tahap bila tengok, rasa macam nak muntah. Tak boleh tahan. Really meluat dengan slapstick jokes yang never ending, pastu pompuan2 melayu islam yg pakai baju macam tak pakai baju. Baik la tak payah aku buang masa dan duit. Tengok cite omputih lagi bagus.

Back to cerita Narnia tu. Masa aku sampai kat TGV Wangsa Walk tu, it was already 10.55am. The show was at 10.50am. Risau takut cerita dah start, alhamdulillah belum lagi. I was late sebab kunci rumah tertinggal dalam kete hubby. Dia pulak dah pegi keje. I had to wait for my sister, Ayu, to bukakkan pintu using Makcik Ton's keys. Nasib baik Ayu tak keluar pegi mana2. Buatnya dia keluar pegi jalan, takde orang la nak bawak kunci tu dari rumah Mok to my house sebab Mas is in confinement, tak boleh drive. Nasib baik rumah aku is just 5 minutes drive to rumah Mok.

After Narnia, we went back home. Oh ya! the kids love cerita Narnia tu. Iman said the adventure and magic is believable. Apa2 la kakak.. Aku angguk je la coz I wasnt really concentrating on the show, my mind was elsewhere. I was sleepy too at that time. At 3.30pm, I went out again, this time to Great Eastern Mall to meet a fellow blogger whom I've met once before, a  warm and bubbly person, Enida. I really like her. When you talk to her, it feels like you have known her for ages.

Balik from Great Eastern Mall, I went to Jusco with hubby to buy groceries, then sampai rumah je, terus masak dinner for my brother, Abe. He called tanya what's for dinner. Aisey! nak taknak, kena la masak.


  1. Hi Sizuka, I have not seen any movies past 3 years. Last one was 'The Last Samurai'.
    This one looks a good movie.
    I guess children will love these movies. And the popcorn and coca cola too.
    You have a nice weekend, keep well, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    With 2 kids who happen to love watching movies at the cinema, I dont think i can last 6 months without going to one let alone 3 years. Their constant pestering can kill me.. hehehe..

    Iman is already planning what movie she wants to watch next. The only way to save few measly ringgit is by going to the cinema before 12 noon so that I can get early birds tickets. If the tickets are sold out, I'll make the kids wait to watch movie the next day. Bad of me right? hahahha..

    Take care Uncle Lee. Glad to have you back. :D