Thursday, January 27, 2011

Missha Watery BB Cream

Ok! I received Missha Watery BB Cream from Mina, my Korean SIL today. I read reviews on the product, some people suka sangat, some tak suka. After using it once, I love it a lot! Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover works wonders to the skin, and I thought, it's the best. Mina cakap, Watery BB Cream is the trend now in Korea and Japan. The product is selling like a hot cake and I can see why. I applied it in the afternoon, sampai sekarang, muka aku rasa sangat lembab and gebu, nampak berseri-seri.

Kalau baca reviews about this product, some people find it difficult to apply sebab it's watery. What I did tadi, before applying the cream, I shake it for a minute. Pastu picit sikit kat the back of your hand, then apply on your face. The tone is perfect for those yang kulit tak putih melepak. Actually, for our skin, I think Watery BB Cream suits us the best. For those yang nak baca good review on this product, boleh la pegi kat sini

RM75.00 (including delivery), comes only in 1 shade, tak sesuai untuk kulit yang putih melepak.

PS : esok I'll upload gambar2 muka I bila guna the bb cream (before and after photos)


  1. wa shidah jual ni plak eh....mcm interesting je...

  2. Rina,

    I tolong my korean SIL too. Dia still ada stock BB Cream, but tak byk dah tinggal. nak tak? :D

  3. nak mmg nak, tp segan nk ambik cz yg wall paper x habis jual lagi huhuhu. my MIL ni active Kutu,so everytime ada kutu mmg dorang rajin jual bende2 mcm ni...

  4. it's ok. takyah segan. nanti I bagi sample. can u pls email me ur address :D

  5. Watery dah takde. But I have bb shiny and bb perfect cover