Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morning Run

I woke up at 6am today, preparing lunch boxes for the girls and sent them off to school at 6.50am. After sending them off to school, we (my hubby and I) went to the gym at KKlub. So far, that had been our routine every morning this week. I hope it will last. Today I ran 1.8km in 20 minutes with maximum heart rate at 170 per min. Yay!

Now, why am I so determined to loose weight? The truth is, it's not for me. Well, tipu la kalau aku takmau kurus, coz as it is, I've gained more than 20kg since before kawin. I'm motivated to exercise now sebab hubby has been diagnosed as having hypertension. Without novasc, his bp reading is 170/111. That's high! He's like a walking time bomb. Anytime boleh explode. So, nak taknak, I have to motivate myself to exercise so that aku boleh paksa dia exercise too.

Alhamdulillah, after 4 days of regular exercising, with medication, his bp dah dropped to 150/85. Aku hope his bp will drop further to 120/75 like mine without medication. He did that once few years back, hopefully he will be able to do it again this time.

I'm off to Sogo now. Mok wants to do grocery shopping sebab hari ni Sogo ada warehouse sale. Rasanya she wants to buy some stuff for my brother Harun, who's flying to Paris tomorrow. Harun will reside in Paris for 6 mths or so with his family.

Sambal belacan with habanero? (aku tak sure apa nama cili ni, a friend said it's habanero. tapi yg pastinya, it's so damn pedas!!)


  1. bestnya warehouse sale in sogo!! if only i can join you! my hubby used to have high blood pressure too.. tapi sejak dia buat daily workouts.. alhamdulillah.. back to normal.. hope you & yr husband achieve the target! aja aja fighting!!

  2. Shidah
    Camanalah you keep track katne ada sale, katne ada supersale dan katne ada mega sale? (tulus bertanya nih).

    Keep up the good work and I sure hope it lasts. BTW mana dapat cili yg fedas itew?

    Soklan cepumas: What happen in March re: your last 2 entries :-)

  3. uhhh...jeles dgr u dah start morning run...i ni susah sgt nk star balik ni tambah lg now ni kan slalu hujan..we ni berlari larian di taman bunga..ooops taman tasik daaa...!!

  4. Good for you K.shidah you have a good reason to start exercising! Keep up the good work!

  5. risau dgr sham tiba2 mcm tu haish! anyway, keep up d good work! i sekadar berlari2 kat rmh ngn anak2 je la kekeke

  6. Ju,

    Alhamdulillah his bp dah manageable but still kena ambik medication. I hope he'll not quit exercising. today i tak join him exercise coz i demam. but tgk dia bersemangat je :)

  7. CS,

    hehe.. kadang2 I tak terkejar jugak nak keep up dgn the sales. tapi my sister, Mas, suka email I sales yg tah mana2 tah. sometimes, I masuk but tak semua sale ada kat situ.

    Cili pedas tu my MIL bagi. ada org bagi dia 1 pokok, and berbuah tak berenti. Kat rumah dia, takde org makan, sebab sgt2 pedas!

    In March I'm hoping to get the body that I dream of, fit into all my old jeans.. hehe.. hopefully la.

  8. zarin,

    it's ok.. start slow. at least ada jugak lari2 anak walaupun keliling tasik. kita org ni, tak exercise langsung. my girls still tak hilang lagi their baby fat. so I kena la ambik langkah yg lebih proactive in ensuring that they're healthy and slimmer :D

  9. Mel,

    Today is the 5th day, and I dah ponteng sebab demam.. huhuhu.. I hope I'll be better tomorrow.

  10. Rina,

    you dah slim! so lari kejar anak pun dah ok. I ni penuh dgn lemak2 tepu. kena cairkan lemak2 ni :D