Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rolled Omellete & Opthamologist

Pagi tadi, after doing the lower body exercise (which aku rasa mcm nak mati coz I was dead tired), I made rolled omelette for hubby. I added mushrooms and watercress to the omellete which suprisingly tasted really good. Normally orang guna watercress dalam steambot but hari ni aku cooked it differently.

Last nite ayah Shariff came back from Cameron highland, so banyak la sayur and buah yang dia bawak balik termasuk la huge oranges which aku dah promised Iman nak buatkan Sicilian Orange cupcakes for her. Maybe not today kot coz I'm exhausted. Sicilian Orange cupcakes will have to wait til tomorrow.

Lepas exercising tadi, I went to Hospital Selayang with Iman. Iman kena pegi check mata coz her eyesight is pretty bad. Perfect eyesight is 6/6 but hers is 6/36 for right, 6/60 for left. But that's not conclusive yet, next month on 9th Feb, she has another appointment to see the opthamologist kat Selayang. Lepas ni kena buat more outdoor activities.

Ingredients (campak2 je)
4 large eggs
bunchful of watercress
few shitake mushrooms - minced
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp soy sauce & a pinch of sugar ( if u like)

1. pukul telur, add salt, sugar, soy sauce and shitake mushrooms
2. panaskan square pan (tamago pan), leser pan dengan paper towel yg dicelup minyak, pour egg mixture (not too much), pastu tabur watercress. Gulung telur, then add lagi mixture telur tu sampai la habis semua digulung.

Kat bawah ni ada video on how to rolled the tamago


  1. Amazing! Looks so easy the way he handles the pan. Kalo k.Lili buat, harus poloh tiak den! wehehe))

  2. wah! akak buat cenggitu ke? awesome! (tetiba teringat kungfu panda :p)
    seems like iman have to wear spec.. but of course.. kena tggu result next chek-up.. my boy ada acute astigmatism.. no other choice.. kena pakai jugak spec. kalau tak pakai makin teruk :(

  3. Hi Sizuka, I love this omelette, looks really good too. I think dua pinggan will be fine with me, ha ha.
    Can see you very creative in your preparations.
    Susa chari isteri like you, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep well, Lee.

  4. K.Lili,

    hehehe.. kalau peluh ketiak, takyah letak garam la, semulajadi masin. hahaha.. I pun masa dok menggulung telur, berpeluh2. nasib baik hujan je, peluh pun kurang sikit :D

  5. Ju,

    The more reason to buy the tefal egg pan. *wink*

    I used to wear glasses too before, pastu I buat laser treatment 14 years ago. Before the treatment, I tak astig, but after the treatment, I astig teruk. *sigh*..

    I hope Iman's eyes wont be as bad.

  6. Uncle Lee,

    Thank you for the compliment. I hope I can prepare healthier food for my family. I'm trying my best to change our lifestyle this year. No more cooking unhealthy food. We're adding exercise regime to our daily activity.

    Take care. Thank you for dropping by :D