Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Dear hubby,

I might not be able to give you the best gift on you birthday, I can't give much anyway. But that doesnt mean that I love you less. All the sacrifices that I've made throughout our marriage is a proof of how much I love you.

May Allah grant us the strength to be on the righteous path.


  1. happy birthday utk king of the house..!!

    tu kek mesti u buat kan, canntiikkkkk nyaaaa...!!!

  2. happy birthday sham..oo dia tua dulu dari i ha ha seronoknya..:) ehh betul kan shidah?

  3. Mulan,

    Thank you. Errr.. That cake was ehsan Dari en
    Google. I'm in trg now. Kalau I sempat, I'll give u a call esok :)

  4. k.siti,

    betul la tu. he's old! hehe..

  5. erma,

    tak bake coz masa bday dia, i was in terengganu. susah nak bake kalau bukan kat dapur sendiri :D