Monday, February 6, 2012

Tokyo Street Pavillion

Here we're, on a public holiday, jalan2 ke Daiso at Pavillion. The initial plan was to leave home at 9am so that senang cari parking. But we woke up late, pukul 10am. By the time we leave home it was already 11am. But surprisingly, KL is quite lengang.

Masuk parking Pavillion, punya la byk parking spot. I was very happy! Hehehe.. One thing I hate about going I shopping mall kat KL ni, seksanya nak cari parking, especially masa weekend. I guess ramai penghuni KL pegi cuti2 Malaysia kot.


  1. kak.. daiso kat pavi kat mana? nampak sangat x abih tawaf pavi tu :p

  2. can teach me how to cook japchae?