Monday, July 26, 2010

20 years later..

20 years later, on 24th July, we met... Some, I've keep in touch with, some, memang lost contact since school. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, for giving us the opportunity to meet again.

These were, 2 days ago.

me & zmin

 with imi, neli and dila

the girls!


  1. Nice! Like they say...
    Make new friends,
    Keep the old,
    one is silver,
    the other is GOLD


  2. Hi Sizuka, wow! You sure got gorgeous friends, all traffic stopper looks.
    Boleh introduce ke? Ha ha.
    Your friend Zmin macham bintang filem, ha ha.
    Yes, its always nice meet up with old friends...

    You have fun and keep well, Lee.

  3. k.lili,

    I totally agree... alhamdulillah, the event was a success. lama tak jumpa, 20 years, semua still sama. no doubt some dah berubah, but bila jumpa, talk about old times, rasa seronok giler! :D

  4. Uncle Lee,

    next reunion dinner, i'll surely invite you. you'll be overwhelmed with beautiful ladies around you. even KJ stopped on his track to take a look. I bet Nori is really angry with him now.. hehehe

    only zmin looks like bintang filem? what about me? eh! I looked like a beaten up wife.. hahaha.. looked tired and groggy, been very busy with the event since afternoon. but i'm sad that it's over now.. *sigh*... meeting old friends is like finding a 10 carat diamond..

  5. Shidah
    Syabas for coordinating such event successfully. It wasnt easy, was it? (what more with some fickle minded persons you were dealing with).

  6. CS,

    Thank you!! memang betul, it wasnt easy. especially bila kena deal dgn orang2 yang cakap tak serupa bikin. betul2 buat my blood go uphill.. hehe.. but, friends yg datang, yg bagi support, really made my day. terubat hati bila tengok betapa happynya everyone, alhamdulillah :)