Friday, July 23, 2010

20th Anniversary Dinner

Finally, the much awaited event is less than 12 hours away. After leaving school for 20 years, we're going to gather again tomorrow at Seri Pacific Hotel. There were 93 of us, 60 agreed to attend the dinner, which to me is a success. Ye la, 2/3 of our batch, tu dah boleh undi kalau during AGM... hehe

As one of the committee for the dinner, I'm happy with the progress of our event. It started with just talk among us. Then Roger picked a date, which is tomorrow, and now it's a reality. We started to talk about having a dinner since last year, maybe mid of last year. Punya la lama planning tu..hehe.. Pastu biasa la, cakap, then senyap, then cakap lagi, pastu senyap, until we had our first meeting at Tony Romas Pavillion end of last year. Those yang datang to the meeting tu, automatically jadi AJK. Of course, ada AJK yang non functional, which buatkan aku somehow sakit hati la jugak. But bila dah tua ni, aku kindda malas nak membebel or bermulut laser lagi dah, maka aku pun ambik jalan yang mudah, which is, diam. So far, cuma sorang je la yang non functional, yang lain bertungkus lumus, especially Imi yang asyik kejar dateline and updates je, which without her, maybe this event might not be a success.

I would like to thank the committee members, Normi, Lily, Roger, Imi, Milia, and Yeen for their effort and contribution in making this dinner possible. Thank you to the main sponsors (you know who you are) yang sponsor handbags Coach and few other valuable items. Thank you to everyone yang sponsor prizes for the lucky draw and also thank you to Anne and Ella for the door gifts contribution. Aku tak sabar nak jumpa some of my schoolmates yang dah more than 20 years tak jumpa. I wonder are they as fat as I am now.. hahahha.. jahat betul aku.

It's funny though, aku always thought that as you grow older, you'll automatically be wiser. Suprisingly, that's not the case. Some of the girls yang initially dah bagi agreement nak datang, which we have included them in our reservation with the hotel, pulled out last minute. And without feeling guilt pulak tu. Dah la tak bayar the dinner cost. Bengkak betul aku dengan orang macam ni. Takde sense of responsibility, perangai macam budak umur 15 tahun. Not one, but few of the girls macam tu. Pelik aku, macam mana la agaknya their working attitude, sure jenis yang suka menyusahkan orang jugak. Bila pikir pasal orang2 macam tu, rasa malas nak organize the next event, which will be on our 25th anniversary. But bila terkenang friends yang sanggup balik from overseas, just to attend the dinner, kesian pulak. Anyway, nak tengok tak gambar masa aku muda2 dulu? hehe... sangat2 toye, I tell you! :D

on the way to our classes

rasanya ni lepas basketball match kat Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor

 after debate masa form 5. dila, neli, me and june bergambar with our ex-es

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