Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Slacking...

I know.. I know.. I've been slacking in updating my blog. Everyday is a busy day for me. For the past few days, I've been dedicating my time replying to comments made in our 20th annivesary dinner's album on facebook. Three days, more than 1000 comments!! Rasa macam artis pulak.. hehehe..

Semalam lepas Iman balik sekolah, at 3pm, we went back to Terengganu. I went back to ambik buah durian and manggis. Alhamdulillah, we managed to collect more than 100kg of durian and 100kg of manggis. And sekarang I'm having backache. Mana tak sakit pinggang, duduk terbongkok2 kutip buah from more than 30 trees. Today, at 11pm, I'm back in KL. Balik for only one night, not even 24 hours. Badan now semua sakit. Haiya! rasa mcm orang yang dah sangat tua...

That's part of the activities that I did this week. Tomorrow, I'll need to accompany Iman to buy things for her to bring this weekend. My baby is going camping for the 1st time with her schoolmates. It's a 3 days, 2 nights trip to Bukit Lagong, Gombak. Though it's only a 15-minutes drive from home, but I doubt Iman wants to see her mama visiting her during her camping. It's so not cool having mama around, I know... I'm a bit anxious.. nak tarik balik kebenaran pegi camping tu, tapi kesian pulak kat Iman. *sigh*...

While Iman away, mama will be having some time out with friends, again? hehehe... Asyik keluar dengan member je. Oh ya! lupa pulak nak cerita. Last weekend, on Sunday, after the dinner event, I went to KLCC to have lunch at Chili's (again?? hehe), with Nora and Anne. Lepas lunch, kita orang turun to concourse level using the escalator. Then lalu tepi Harrod's, nampak Harrod's tengah sale, I asked Nora to stop, nak check out their coffee. As I was oogling the handbags on sale, I saw this one lady, looking so familiar, standing next to me, and she was staring at me too. Then tiba2, dua2 screamed, "Azel!! Shidah!!"... havoc kejap depan Harrod's. People were staring at us, agaknya dia org pelik, makcik2 giler mana la ni. There, standing next to me was my bff masa sekolah, Azel. I was too excited, sampai tergamam. Nora and Anne pun suprised jugak. Tak sangka, after 20 years, kita orang jumpa balik. Azel didnt attend the dinner sebab she thought the dinner is going to be this weekend. I was so happy to see Azel again.. Alhamdulillah. Tak sangka kan?

But today, I read an email from Nora, telling us that Azel was once a cancer patient. The reason why she didnt contact any of us was because she had Thyroid Cancer. Alhamdulillah after an operation and few session of chemo, she's now free of cancer. Tak sangka betul that Azel was once a cancer patient. Nampak on sunday lepas, sihat je. I think lepas ni, I'll make the effort to keep in touch with my friends so that at least when they need me, I'll be there for them.

Ni gambar the committee members but minus eena.. huwaaa... eena... mana engkau??

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