Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Box from Perth

I woke up with a headache. Dah lama tak sakit kepala. Dunno what triggers my migraine today. Dah ler kejap lagi nak kena bake madeleines and buat nasi dagang. I guess there's no off day even on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

Kejap lagi aku nak temankan hubby pegi KLCC, then I'm going to The Garden for Awang Goneng's book signing session. Then lunch with K.Mei at Bubba Gumps The Curve. Pastu malam karang, my siblings will come for dinner. Urgh! jadual yang sangat padat.

But, I still can smile. Why? because semalam I received a box from Perth. Thank you K.Min!! Pagi tadi Rodd dah datang collect his eggs! Eh! macam beli telur ayam pulak.. hehehe. Besides my stuff, K.Min ada hadiah for giveaways which will soon be announced in her blog. Haa.. sesapa yang nak join the giveaways tu, jadi la active commentors kat blog k.Min ye. :D

Tak sabar2 nak tengok apa dalam kotak.
 The eggs! err.. chocolate eggs ;D

 Speckled eggs for cuppies!

 Silicon baking pans yang K.Min belikan. Thank you K.Min!! I'll start baking using the pans today. :D

Remember the insects cakes that hovered on K.Min's dining table? They have arrived in Melawati too! :D


  1. i've never seen beautiful red insects before!! hehe.. happy baking kak! and thanks for the choccies :D
    hoho.. baru perasan.. the silicone pastry brush pun ada! kitchenshop sells RM18 rasanya. i bought green color ;)
    kalau k.min buat giveaways pls alert me..k. kalau bleh kasik hint lagi bagus! hahaha.. :p

  2. esther choc eh:) my office mate bawak balik byk dari ausie

    happy mother s day dear everyday is our day :)

  3. Iffah tak sabar nak tengok what's inside the small box, hehehe.
    Since you dah announce kat blog you, kenalah I announce kat blog I soon jugak ni :-).
    Iman dah rasa the crunchies eggs?

  4. Ju,

    hehe.. lawakan the red insects? Nanti I dah buat kek serangga, I'll send it to u. I was thinking of insects red velvet. ERm... Yums!

    giveaway? haa.. kena rajin visit blog k.min :P

  5. Erma, kat aussie memang byk sgt2 easter eggs chocolates time easter. pastu rabbit plushies pun byk jual. Happy Mother's day to u too :D

  6. K.Min,

    Iffah memang. Dia la yg bukak the box. I told her not to sepah2 kan sebab ada barang orang kat dalam. Eh! nak I ambik gambar the giveaways jugak ke? baru berdebar2 sikit.. hahahah..

    ps : crunchies eggs tu the first to masuk perut dia org :D

  7. urghhhhh.....jelesnya!!!! it's super duper cool okay!!!! heee heee....yup i think u shld make red velvet insects....syoknya!!!!

  8. Rina, kena tunggu weekend la baru boleh bake red velvet. ada a friend ordered rvc cuppies this saturday :D