Thursday, September 8, 2011

My cake!! Urgh!

What happened when u lost ur baking mojos? A "broken" cake I guess. That was what happened yesterday. Iman ada jamuan hari raya kat sekolah. I was supposed to bake a cake for her the nite before. But I dont have milk, and I was too lazy to go out. So, pagi semalam, aku pun buat ler cake. My heart wasnt really into it. I havent been baking cakes for more than 3 weeks dah. I just lost it.. I cant find my mojos even now..

It was a simple enuff to do cake, the devil food chocolate cake. No matter how limited the time is, I always managed to bake this cake to perfection. But yesterday was a disaster. The cake crumbled when I flipped it on the cooling rack. I guess it resembles how I feel inside. I wanted to cry. Everytime aku bake, my failure percentage has always been almost 0. But not yesterday.

Iman waited kat pondok guard at her school, hoping for mama's freshly baked cake, but only to be greeted with store bought cake. Takpe la kakak, nanti mama buat lagi ye. Cake semalam, mama buat popsicle cake je la


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gambar Raya?

Errk.. Sadly, this year, kita orang lupa nak ambik gambar raya. I did bring back my camera, but I was on a different planet sepanjang cuti raya, and in the end, langsung tak ingat pasal gambar raya.

 Boleh tak gambar ni aku letak as gambar raya too? Ni on the way back to KL. I love this photo. This is them, on happy days :)

 This photo was taken on 1st day of raya. My friend Yeen made a comment, pesal gambar raya aku semua bertema kan katil. hahahhaa..

With my BFF, Sally, 25 years of friendship. TQ Azli for the photo :)

PS : I lost more than 5kg during Ramadhan. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

After two weeks of MIA, I'm back!! Thank you everyone for the support. I really appreciate it especially the emails, sms-es and calls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sempena hari raya yang mulia ni, izinkan aku memohon maaf diatas segala kekurangan, terlebih, tersalah, tersilap, dan segala2nya. InsyaAllah I'm back for good :)