Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HPV Vaccine

Mommies yang ada anak umur 14 tahun this year will know that since last year, our government has made it compulsory for 13 year old in schools to get the HPV vaccine. Iman took hers last year. In total, ada 3 jab for the whole year. Iman cakap it was very painful. Some of her classmates siap nangis. To iman, that was nothing sebab dia dah biasa kena cucuk since kecik.

This year, it's iffah's turn to get her jab. Last week, on 23rd Jan, iffah took her first dose. Unlike iman, it was quite a bad experience for iffah. Balik from school, muka iffah started to look puffy and she had small rashes all over her body. Iffah complaint of body ache, and malam tu she started to experience headache and she was also feverish. She also complaint of difficulty in breathing.  Selepas aku consult with en. google, rupanya iffah falls in the very rare category.

source nhs
Rare side effects

Around one in 10,000 people who have the Gardasil HPV vaccine experience an itchy red rash (urticaria, or 'hives')

Very rare side effects Fewer than one in 10,000 people who have the Gardasil HPV vaccine experience: restriction of the airways and difficult breathing (bronchospasm)

A doctor friend suggested to monitor her over the weekend. Pastu on Monday, aku tengok muka iffah still bengkak. I called an oncologist friend. She suggested to immediately bawak iffah to a nearby clinic. She said I should have brought iffah to a clinic on Thursday lagi. Sigh... dah terlambat. Anyway, iffah was given steroid to help with her allergy. Alhamdulillah hari ni dah ok. Last nite I lodged a report on the adverse reaction of HPV vaccine to BPFK and emailed it to Mr Tan Ann Ling, the Director of National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau. This morning I received a reply from him and a phone call from his department. That was fast!! Thank you Mr Tan Ann Lin for the immediate action. According the officer from the department, the vaccine given to Iman and the vaccine given to iffah is manufactured by different company. Maybe sebab tu ada effect pada Iffah kot coz Iffah jenis sensitive to foreign allergen.

To read more on HPV Vaccine, you can go here HPV Vaccine

Note : The vaccine, in 3 dosage, cost more than RM300 at private clinics and hospitals. School going form one in government schools are given it foc.


  1. Salam. I hope your daughter Iffah is well now.

    In case of adverse effect or AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunizations), the case must be reported to the Ministry of Health so that they could monitor and take further actions. If you visit the MOH website, search for Garis Panduan Farmakovigilans.

    I do not mean to scare you but in Japan, there have been cases reported on AEFI where some of the girls suffered permanent adverse effect - including being paralyze and seizure. It is not due to the different manufacturers, but different bodies have different tolerance, even if they are twins.

    1. wsalam. Alhamdulillah Iffah dah 100% recover.

      Alamak! scarynya.. I dah email the report to bpfk and an officer from bpfk dah call and they are investigating the case.

      As for Iffah, the physician yg attended her on Monday, dah tulis surat for her not to take the 2nd dose in March.

      TQ for the info. Salam perkenalan :D

  2. Salam perkenalan juga. I've been following your blog for quite some time - makan is my passion heheheh...

    Alhamdulillah all is well now. I joined a group in Facebook on being pro-choice, meaning kita boleh pilih to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Most of the parents there experienced AEFI with their children - including severe eczema, temporary paralysis, many more.

    Plus, ingredients used in the vaccines - bovine/porcine sources and dangerous chemicals. My daughter (now 2yo) had recurrences of otitis media, jadi bila check symptoms of AEFI, yep it is confirmed. Selalu we were being told lepas jab akan demam sikit, or bengkak kat tempat kena jab tu kan, it is all part of AEFI. And we also have the right to ask for the inserts of the vaccines - I didn't know until I joined the group. Wuhuhuhuh~

    1. Alamak! segannya.. I dah makin malas nak masak. Cuma rajin bake je. Whatever lauk pauk I masak sekarang, sangat simple. Will add u to my list. Love ur designs :D

      Nanti I nak cari la the group on FB. Come to think about it, iffah selalu demam for few days lepas vaccine masa dia baby dulu. I should have known then. Alhamdulillah the attending nurse yg bagi dia jab, went to school yesterday and interviewed her, taking all the details. Lepas ni, no more vaccine for iffah :)

    2. Owhhh being a Terengganu celup like me, resepi Kak Shidah memang saya suka refer heheheh... I love baking too. Except sekarang dah tak larat, tunggu due date saje ni. Thanx for the compliments, segan okeh heheheheh~

      The group name : Our Healthy Unvaccinated Babies (OHUB).

  3. Both my daughters aged 15 & 13 had the jabs & alhamdulillah bot are ok ....at first risau jugak but both did not suffer any allergies so i assume everything is ok..alhamdulillah..so my youngest can proceed with the 2nd jab-Amy