Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook again

Tadi dok sibuk2 bakar roti, tak sedar my hubby dah update his FB status.

It started with this

"Fadil doesnt celebrate Valentine's Day..but he celebrates his wife everyday..he's so lucky that it's almost unfair :)"

Then after few comments from his friend, he wrote this

"For a notty guy as nasty as I am, having this wonderfully loving person makes me feel blessed. On days that I thought God has forsaken me, all it takes is for me to go home to her eyes that radiates honest love, loving support, accepting my shortcomings unconditionally...then I realized how much God loves me..I am so lucky bro, it's almost unfair..:)"

Erm... boleh caya ke? I guess Valentine's Day came early this year for me :)

I never celebrated Valentine before, don't intend to in the future. .... Masa sekolah dulu, time Valentine, ramai la pet sister yg bagi apple or chocolate pada kakak2 yang dia org minat. Aku ada jugak dapat few, tak sangka wanita brutal mcm aku ni pun, ada adik2 yang minat... hehe


  1. sham tak pernah terpikir nak jd romance novelist ke? hehehe

  2. next time engkau jumpa dia, suggest that to him. sure kembang pakcik tu :D