Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baking with the girls - Part 1


The result ~ Vanilla Muffins & Chocolate Chip Muffins


The project involved 3 becok kids in the kitchen

 Iffah & Zuleika - measuring the dry ingredients

 Zuleika spooning the muffin batter into the cups

 Iffah's Chocolate Chip Muffins batter

 Iman is busy sprinkling the almonds.

 Arranging the cups on the tray.

Hubby is sick, so we're somewhat house bound. Actually, boleh je kalau aku nak keluar. But I'm too lazy. Furthermore, with makcik ton not around, who's gonna look after dear hubby. In the end, I made these with the kids. It's quite enjoyable except for the part that aku kena manned the oven sorang2 while the kids main their ipods in their room. Grrr.. betul2 buat aku berangin. Luckily they did the cleaning up after the muffin making project. 


  1. sonoknyer tengok that girls becok2 kat dapur sambil wat kije.... tingin nk anak dara yg bleh take over! *berangan tak sudah! hihihi

  2. wa syioknya...i tried d butter cinnamon yg u posted kt FB- ystdy. it was so nice...:)..shidah i tgh mencari sifter mcm u punya tuh,ges wat puas i cr kt trg tak jumpa2 , so i nk sifted habis berterabur tpng2 tu *sigh*

  3. ina,

    tu semua buruh paksa.. hahaha. ok. balik msia nanti cuba untuk dapatkan anak dara yek. *wink*

  4. rina,

    i kesian kat the girls, takde activity cuti 1 week ni, tu yg buat cooking class. the easiest is muffin class la. i cuma need to supervise je :D

    u did the recipe posted by my friend linda tu ke? boleh la i buat ptg ni :D

  5. yup shidah, sedap sgt esp bile letak additional choc toppings ...i x sempat2 nk blog lagi, busy, ayh zula pun n br discharged...

  6. rina,

    sian ur FIL. hope he's feeling much better now.