Saturday, May 22, 2010

Body Shop Sale

Yesterday, I went to Jusco Wangsa Maju with mok, pastu lalu depan kedai bodyshop, then I saw that they are having huge discounts on all products, members will get additional 10% discount on top of it. Dah lama jugak aku tak beli barang bodyshop ni sebab kat Msia ni punya la mahal. Padahal masa aku student dulu, shower gel, lipstick, lotion dan segala mak nenek body care aku guna bodyshop sebab murah giler. Bila balik Msia, tengok harga, rasa nak terkeluar bijik mata.

Dulu, aku suka guna grapefruit showergel, which cost about AUD$10 or maybe less, cant really remember. Tu botol yang besar. Bila balik sini, tengok shower gel yang sama selling for more than RM40, terus aku tukar my shower gel to followme (hehe.. that's an exaggeration, I'm not using followme :) ).

So, what did I get for myself yesterday?

Instead of strawberry, I bought promegranate. It was selling for RM38, but with 70% +10% (for members), I paid RM9.80.

Cant remember apa nama product ni, but the soap comes with a small pouch that works as body scrub. The original price was RM69, but I paid only RM18.60. Total damage = RM28.40. Yay!! I'm actually proud of myself coz I didnt go overboard when I shopped at bodyshop yesterday. I only picked items marked 70% off. Phew! nasib baik tak tergoda dengan barang lain.

One more day to go!! To those yang nak beli barang bodyshop, better head to the nearest outlet before it's gone.


  1. Hi Zizuka, I'm glad I'm a man, no need for all these expensive stuff, ha ha....pakai Sunlight soap or Vim boleh....
    Have a nice day and stay beautiful, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    some men, spend more on cosmetics than women, the so called metropolitan men :D. Lucky for husband, that he got a wife, who loves bargain hunting. kalau tak, botak kepala dia .. hehehe

    thank you for dropping by Uncle Lee :D