Monday, May 31, 2010

Date with x-BF

Last nite, I went on a date with my x-bf. Lama betul tak keluar berdua tengok wayang dgn dia. Before kawin dulu, pantang ada movie baru, mesti tengok berdua punya. I remember our first movie together, it was Braveheart. I went with Nora. Thank you Nora, tolong temankan aku. We went to watch it at Cathay cinema belakang Central Market. Tu favourite panggung aku. Dulu dengan my xx-bf (xx-bf = the bf before my x-bf ni.. hehe) pun selalu lepak kat situ jugak.

I fell head over heel with Mel Gibson lepas tgk cite ni... hensem giler!!

What did we watch last nite? Prince of Persia!! Bila sebut Prince of Persia, teringat masa zaman kecik2 dulu. Tu la computer game yang paling femes sekali. Best giler main game tu. I was so excited nak gi tengok cite tu semlm. We went to Wangsa Walk, hoping to catch the 4.30pm movie, tapi semua sold out. So we bought tickets for show 9.30pm.I was kind of disappointed with the movie. I expected more, but erm.. rasa mcm the climax cite tu takde. At least my x-bf get to drool over Gemma Arterton.


  1. Hello Sizuka, I know my bahasa very jurassic, but from what I read your this posting, you had a date with your 'ex-BF'?
    This is what I call very interesting, ha ha.
    I too suka Mel Gibson....and have seen most of his pictures.
    Wishing you well, keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. hi uncle lee,

    err.. that x-bf happens to be my hubby now.. hehe.

    yes! i love mel gibson too. his best film is still braveheart. his blue eyes, can melt my hati wanita :D

  3. ex bf skang da jadi husband?? gilak!

    i ngan my ex bertegor pun tak dah! gaduh besar.

  4. hi cindir-rela,

    seumur hidup i, cuma ada 2 je bf. but alhamdulillah, dgn my xxbf tu pun kalau jumpa, still bertegur. dah anak kita org sekelas. :D