Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 Trailer (OFFICIAL)

Iman, Iffah and I watched Ironman 2 last week with Roger. Roger had to be on call, thus she had to be around KLCC viccinity. Since she doesnt wanna wait doing nothing, she asked me and the girls to joined her watch Ironman 2. Some people might not like the second installment of Ironman due to the bizarre character of Ironman this time. Well, Ironman is dying, so I guess, that gave him a license to do whatever he wants. I love the show! Kan ni adaptation from comic, thus, kena la byk yang tak logic kan.

Tengahari tadi, I went to Wangsa Walk with the kids, Abbas and hubby. Hubby is on MC today coz he's having a flu. Tapi dalam tak sihat, sempat jugak tengok cerita Ironman (again). And yes, he was ogling Miss Natalie Rushman (Scarlett Johansson) just like Tony Stark did when he first saw Miss Rushman. *sigh*..

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