Friday, October 30, 2009

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

I wasnt feeling too good yesterday, nak masak pun rasa malas. Pastu tiba2 macam teringin sangat nak makan cheese cake. So aku pun google cheese cake recipes, and bila tengok this cotton cheese cake recipe yang simpoi, teringin nak buat. Nasib baik barang dah ada dalam peti except for butter. Aku substitute butter with soft margerine. Tak kesah la, asalkan jadi kan.. hehehe.

Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

Permukaan cake aku macam bulan, menggerutu, sebab the cake overflowed, so aku potong separuh, and bake lagi.. hehe.. memandai je aku modify. My mistake was that, aku silap estimate loyang yg digunakan. I should have used a bigger loyang. Hubby said, cake ni sedap sgt2, kalau layan makan, mau habis sebijik. And rasa cake ni definitely way better than the ones that is being sold in Jusco.

Recipe ni aku ambik from with a bit of modification to the original recipe. So I'll just copy & paste from her blog.


250g cream cheese
50g butter
100ml heavy whipping cream (aku guna milk)
60g superfine flour
20g cornflour
6 egg yolks
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp of lemon zest (I didnt use any zest)
¼ tsp salt
6 egg whites
¼ tsp cream of tartar
140g fine granulated sugar(divide into 2, one half for the egg yolk mixture and the other for the egg whites) (I used 120gm of sugar)


1. Preheat oven at 300 F and bring a kettle of water to a boil.
2. Lightly grease and line the bottom and sides which should be 1 1/2 " above the rim of a 8" pan with greaseproof paper.
3. Melt cream cheese, butter and heavy whipping cream in a double boiler.
4. Cool the mixture. over iced bath.
5. Fold in the flours, egg yolks, sugar,lemon juice, salt and zest and mix well.

6. Whisk egg white until foamy, then add in cream of tartar and whisk on the highest speed.
7. Add in the sugar gradually and whisk until soft peaks form.(if lifted with the whisk, the white should have a curve tip)
8. Add 1/3 of the whisked egg white into the cream cheese mixture in 4. Mix it really well with the biggest spatula available.
9. Fold in the rest of the egg white and then FOLD in, from the center to the sides and not forgeting the bottom of bowl. Do not overmix.

10. Pour into a 8” round cake pan . Line a roasting pan with a kitchen cloth at the bottom and place cake pan on the cloth. Place roasting pan in the preheated oven and pour boiling water into the roasting pan. Water level should be half way of cake pan.
11 Bake cheese cake for 1 hrs 30 mins or until set or golden brown.
12. Leave in the oven with door ajar for an hour until cake cools.
13. Take it out of oven and turn cake out of cake pan. Wrap with aluminium foil and leave in the fridge.


  1. Waah, wah waahh...cedapnyer...
    Yg melimpah tu u guna loyang apa size?
    nak try jugak lar....

  2. Nyum nyum ..

    Psst.. kat JJ tu bukanlah sedap sangat kan?

  3. k.QJ, i think i buat dalam loyang 6", sebab tu la melimpah. cuba la, memang sedap! :D

    cs, setuju 100%. kat jusco rasa masin their cotton cheese cake. dah ler mahal. buat sendiri lagi sedap :D