Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iffah getting better a bit.

Alhamdulillah her vomitting dah stop. Hopefully her diarrhea too. Pagi tadi buat MRI because of the severe headache that she has been complaining for the past 1 week plus.

Mama dah tak tahan nak duduk hospital. Please get well soon sayang..

It's not fun when you have to drive all the way to Melawati to drop kakak at school and brave thru the heavy traffic on MRR2 to go back to the hospital again. Argh! I was stuck on the highway for more than 1/2 hour after sending Iman to school. Tension!!


  1. Salam Shidah....

    Syiannya Iffah....moga cpt sembuh ya syg....
    dia ada salah makan ker?

    aunty pun tak tahan duduk spital, selain sejuk, bau ubat2an tu...

  2. iffah warded katna tu kak? can i be of help? anything just lemme know..

  3. Salam QJ,

    alhamdulillah so far iffah dah getting better. rasanya salah makan, tapi tak tau apa yg dia makan coz it started over the weekend masa kat trg.

    tu la kan, staying kat hospital ni very depressing. cant stand it too.. take care! :D

  4. Salam ju,

    thank you so much for the offer. so far, alhamdulillah i can still manage. kalau i need help, i'll inform u ye. jazakallah hu khair.

  5. Very challenging- sorry to hear about iffah, lagi2x your hubby away! Get well soon ya!!!

  6. Mel, memang challenging. tadi I felt like crying. tiba2 je rasa letih yg amat sgt. especially bila balik rumah, tgh baju yg dah bertimbun dalam bakul, tak lipat. and baju yg berbakul2 tak berbasuh.

  7. k.shidah- if u were here in kuching, bawakje baju tu pergi my laundry - will have it nicely washed and pressed in no time hehehe!

  8. Mel, next time kalau airasia buat sale, i'll definitely go to kuching and will bring loads of dirty laundry with me.. hehehe.. sure org ingat i giler. pegi holiday bawak dirty laundry :D