Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Suddenly I feel like crying....

Aku take it for granted that Allah akan sentiasa bagi aku rezeki yang melimpah ruah dari segala segi, harta, kesihatan, anak2 dan macam2 lagi. Tapi tiba2 hari ni, aku dapat email from a friend, cakap that husband dia baru je kena stroke. Alhamdulillah it was just a minor one, and husband dia dah recover, but not 100%. Tak terpikir pun yang Allah mungkin akan uji aku macam tu jugak. Masa hubby was hospitalised, aku terpikir jugak, what if umur dia tak panjang, am I prepared? Will I ever be prepared? What if masa aku drive, dalam keadaan mengantuk tu, aku accident and mati? Apa harta yang boleh aku bawak bersama? Dah cukup ke simpanan akhirat aku?

Aku merapu.. sorry... suddenly hari ni tersgt2 sedih.


  1. I get those days too and get very scared thinking about it.. but whatever that happens to us, only God knows best. A friend of mine , her daughter kena brain tumour and underwent numerous surgeries , she's now 15 and has 4 besi in her head! And you know what she told me, she said God did this for a reason and that is so that we get closer to Him.

  2. Dear Shidah,

    Life is filled with uncertainties. It is always US that fail to see. Still, how close we keep our emotions in check, we just don't know what God has in-stored for us. And it IS scary...

    I have those feelings too. Alas, it is alright to be overwhelmed by others' predicament and brood for a bit. After all, we are, but only human.

    Cheer up, dear!

  3. Hi Sizuka, I guess we as parents, wives or husbands have to plan for the unexpected. Especially with children.
    Life is unpredictable.....

    Have you made out a will. Hubby? Also can always make out a letter, witnessed by a lawyer to what you, or hubby want to do, give, leave, or whatever, and seal it, keep in a safe place.
    You stay easy, ya. Best regards, Lee.

  4. Mel, I believe in that too. Sometimes God test us, to award us with something better.

  5. K.lili,

    the truth is, I'm glad that I'm able to feel this way. What if, Allah tak bagi I rasa anything bila tau ada kawan2 dalam kesusahan? Then maybe I'll never rasa bersyukur with what I have now. Alhamdulillah, I feel better now. :)

  6. Uncle Lee,

    Thx for dropping by. I havent been blog hopping much for the past 1 week or so coz I was too busy being a good wife.. hehehe..

    My husband has already make a will and change the benefector for his kwsp saving and other saving. I'm glad that I dont have to worry about those things.