Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meatball Again??

Pagi2 lagi aku dah bangun untuk kemas rumah. Aku janji dengan Nora and Ina nak pegi ziarah Fezzy. I was supposed to go to Nora's house, then we'll take Nora's car to go to Shah Alam. But pagi tadi aku memang betul2 tak sempat. Lepas dah basuh 3 loads of laundry, masak meehoon goreng, buat puding coffee, and siapkan breakfast untuk hubby, it was already 9.45am. So I had to asked Nora to pick me up kat rumah.

By the time we left to Shah Alam, dah almost 10.30am. Nasib baik ler Ina tak berasap tunggu kat exit Hicom/USJ tu. Bila sampai rumah Fezzy, Roger was already there. Anne patutnya ikut, but she left Kluang pukul 9am, and she had to attend Salleh's friend's wedding somewhere kat Klang. Memang tak sempat la nak jumpa we all kat Shah Alam. We decided to make it a potluck gathering kat rumah Fezzy sebab taknak susahkan dia. The reason kita org pegi rumah Fezzy was because her husband baru je recover from kena stroke. He had stroke on 27th Sept, and alhamdulillah, dia dah ok. Bila dengar cerita Fezzy, aku wonder, will I be able to be as strong as she was, if I were to be in the same situation as her?

Lepas balik from rumah Fezzy, we made a plan to have dinner kat Chilis One Utama.This time, Anne joined us. It was just aku, Nora, Ina and Anne along with my Iffah and Ina's children. Iman tak ikut coz she's not feeling very well. She has been having fever for the past few days, on and off. So dia kena duduk dengan Hubby kat rumah. Before pegi Chili's tadi, aku sempat buat meatball for Hubby's and Iman's dinner. Hubby dah kemaruk makan the Swedish meatballs. Nasib baik la ada lagi minced meat dalam peti. This time I added 1/4 cup of Ottogi breadcrumbs to the mince meat. Nora said the meatball tasted very good (betul kan Nora? Aku tak syok sendiri kan? hehehhe ).

 Angel hair with Swedish meatballs

 Iffah's showing the correct way to devour the meatball! :D

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