Monday, December 13, 2010

Facebook & Apam Butter Gula Hangus

For the past few days, hubby has been nagging me to spring clean my friend's list in facebook. Yesterday, he did it for me. Erm.. takpe la, I dont really mind coz dia cuma removed his friends je from my list. Tu pun friends yang I sendiri tak kenal, just jumpa once or twice. Today I deleted my gaming friends. Bye bye farmville, frontierville, cityville, cafeworld and semua facebook games. Starting from today, I decided to grow up. No more games, just kids and hubby and inline skating.

In a way, I feel sad to bid farewell to the games and gaming friends but I think almost 10 years of gaming is enough for me. Now that hubby dah makin busy, I need to pay more attention to the girls. Soon they will be in their teens and by then, mama and abah will be less important than friends. Hopefully, that will never be the case la.

Yesterday, Sally and Azli came over for lunch. I cooked Laksa Kuoh Meroh and Apam Butter Gula Hangus. The truh is, aku was so tired, malas rasa nak masak, tapi kesian pulak kat Sally and Azli. The kuah laksa, according to hubby, sedap sangat but the laksa, really sucks. I used laksa kering. I didnt know that laksa tu kena rendam satu malam, then baru boleh guna. Aku rebus je for 1 hour, and laksa tu rasa macam laksa plastik, sungguh tak sedap! Nasib baik Sally and Azli still makan sampai habis. Azli siap tapau bawak balik. I was too lazy to take photo of laksa kuoh meroh tu. :)


  1. Shidah

    I love that apam butter gula hangus but never have the guts to try. Size kecik2 cam tu, I think I can ngap 50 pcs in no time at all, hahaha.. buruk perangai..

  2. CS,

    Apam tu berantu. Kalau makan, tak boleh berenti.. hehe.. I think I ate more than 10 pcs at one go. Memang menternak lemak la kalau makan apam tu byk2 :D