Monday, May 30, 2011

BB Cream

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BB Cream Vita                (20ml)           RM 39.90                          
BB Cream Shiny              (20ml)           RM 39.90                          
BB Perfect Cover no.21  (20ml)           RM 42.90                           
BB Perfect Cover no.23  (20ml)           RM 42.90                           
BB Boomer                     (40ml)           RM 65.90                           

Buy 3 unit of BB Cream of any range, FOC 3 facemasks. For details, please email me at


  1. Hope not to late for me to order BB perfect cover no. 21 . Please pm me at TQ

  2. shamsinar,

    Please check you inbox. Thank you.

  3. Hi kak, sempat lagi tak nak order ni?hihi
    -Perfect cover (23).

  4. hani,

    thank you for the order :)

  5. Ain,

    yes. my korean SIL jual the bb cream. you interested in which one?

  6. Shidah ..I'm interested to try these BB cream but I don't know where to start ..which will u recommend for a beginner like me ...thanks ..Amy

  7. Amy,

    you can try the bb perfect cover and the bb boomer. bb boomer acts as primer. bila pakai bb cream and bb boomer, it last longer and muka nampak lagi radiant. if u like ur face to look pearly, then you can try bb shiny. bb vita for dry skin.