Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Bat Camp

I saw Linda (kawan Ausmat) posted YAWA's bat camp itinerary on her wall (err.. dalam facebook ye, bukan dirumah). Aku was so excited, terus call hubby, tanya dia boleh tak the girls pegi camp tu. Selalunya, he'd say no, but for YAWA, he said yes. Wohoo!! Bila the girls balik sekolah, and knew about it, they were so excited. Mula2, aku register for Iman and Iffah, then baru teringat, eh! Zuleika tertinggal. Dia orang kan always go together mana2, macam kembar siam.

I waited for few days la jugak untuk K.Mei (mak Zuleika) to respond. Last sekali, I had to make the initiative to call her and luckily K.Mei kata ok. So, InsyaAllah, in June, they will be going to Lanchang for the camp together with anak2 Linda. That will be exciting and mama boleh honeymoon for 4 days!! Woot!


  1. Huhu...mama nak honeymoon...itu yang betulnye! wehehe)))) Oops...sowi, gurau aje!

    Looks like this coming holidays will be filled with weddings for me, and extra classes for MyC.

    So, please tell your girls, "Have fun"! ;)

  2. ooo...saje je hantar anak p camp yea.. anyway.. selamat berhoney moon buat shidah :D

  3. wow bestnya! open tuk umur bdk2 brapa thn shidah? n hw mch?

  4. k.lili,

    hehe.. sekali sekala mak nak honeymoon. bila lagi kan? *wink*

    this coming school holiday will be a bit quiet, until the 2nd week. masa tu baru balik trg. tak sabar nak balik :D

  5. Chikna,

    for the first time, abah dia org bagi pegi camping jauh2. tu pun siap tanya, ada hotel tak kat lanchang. agaknya nak pegi duduk kat lanchang tu sampai the girls habis kot :D

  6. Rina,

    dia org tak bagitau pulak age minimum age requirement. they said, as long as the kids can look after themselves, then they can join the camp.

    the fee is RM140. RM50 is for membership registration, RM90 is for the camp.

  7. shidah...awat tk tanya i sama...rasa suhaila pun nk ikut..alahai melepas lagi..:)

  8. k.siti, still boleh join. k.siti call yawa, tanya. my friend pun nak register anak2 dia jugak.