Monday, May 30, 2011

Buffet Lunch @ The Mill

Semalam, we had roti canai for breakfast. Lama betul tak makan roti canai, dah almost 1 mth. Selalunya kalau on free day, hubby akan beli nasi lemak. But yesterday, tak lalu pulak nak makan nasik lemak. Dah selalu sgt makan, muak rasa.

I didnt cook lunch semalam sebab we're going to Grand Millenium for lunch. Remember the vouchers that I bought for lunch/dinner kat The Mill, Grand Millenium? You can read it here. I redeemed it yesterday. We were there quite late, pukul 12.40pm baru sampai. Orang dah penuh. We were seated next to the buffet table.

The theme was International buffet. So, macam2 jenis makanan ada, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Malay, Western etc. I like the food there, rasa very clean and fresh. Since aku dah biasa makan sikit, aku takleh nak sumbat byk2 food. We stayed there until 3pm coz hubby suka the ambience kat situ and he's taking his own sweet time utk menghabiskan makanan. Dia pun sama macam aku, perut dah kecik, capacity very small. Bila makan, cuma boleh makan sikit je. Erm..Actually rugi pulak kita org ambik buffet.

 My plate. Sikit kan? Actually ni my 2nd plate.. hehe..

 Iffah with her chocolate coated marshmallows

 Among the dessert served

 I love this! Dunno what it's called. It's so yummy! I finished 7 plates of this yummy dessert. Melampau kan? hahahaha... Free day mah!

 He and his work.. grr..

 Do we really look alike?

 Oyster.. ewwwww...

My cheeky Iffah

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