Sunday, May 29, 2011

TGV Popcorn Deal @

To those yang suka tengok movie kat TGV, this deal shouldnt be missed! I bought few coupons. Walaupun the redemption date is from 5th June untuk 5th July, tapi ada few movies yg best2 that will be shown during that time. Antaranya Car 2, Transformer & X-Men.

Today's Deal : 47% OFF for Combo Set of Popcorn (regular) + Soft Drink (regular) @ TGV Cinemas for only RM4.50 instead of RM8.50!

7 hours left for the deal!


  1. wallaaa murah tu... semalam dah tengok kungfu panda... here movies limited sikit.. byk citer melayu je.. but better than takde langsung... mati kutu la nanti..

  2. mulan, yup! murah kan? waa.. u dah tengok? my tickets are for 1st june dgn the girls. i bought on wednesday sebab wednesday flat rate of RM8 per person. Aisey! cite melayu ke yg byk kat sana? I takmboh dah tgk cite melayu.. nyesal. huwaaaaaa