Friday, February 25, 2011

Dead Kitten - Written by Iman

Iman found a newborn kitty  yesterday, iman begged mama to take the kitten home.... but mama said "no". The Next Day, something bad happened to kitten.... A crazy boy put the kitty inside a plastic bag and hit the kitty with a stone until it was nyawa-nyawa ikan, then the boy gave the security guard at school the dying kitten. The security guard  left the kitty under a tree so it can go peacefully.

But then, the naughty boy put the kitten inside a drain that was full of water, then the security guard said "The cause Of the rain yesterday was because Allah was angry for killing  the innocent animal. So the Moral here is: Don't Kill  Animals No Matter How Ugly They Are Or How Disgusting They Are,

From   Iman.                         


  1. Uh..kesiannya kitten...
    buat akak teringatkan kucing lima beranak yg mati termakan tikus beracun dulu huhu....
    ampunkan aku...

  2. kesiannya kitten tu..

    kisah betul ke nih? notty boy babap kang!

  3. poor kitten....klo budak tu ada kat dpn i,sure i dah tarik telinga....geramnya!

  4. Iman: cerita ni betul.... kesian betul anak kuching tu.... semalam iman jumpa masih ada darah dan tali busat kat anak kuching tu... :(

  5. Dear friends,

    The entry was written and posted by Iman. Yang comment earlier pun Iman jugak :D