Friday, February 4, 2011

Lunch with the Boys @ Chili's Empire Subang

The lunch date was planned last week. Layla couldnt join us coz she's working on 1st feb tu. So, it was just me, matju, warque & hubby. Ops! termasuk la iman and iffah. Warque shift started as early as 7.30am. By the time kita org habis makan, it was already 2pm and Chili's still packed with people.

Tengah aku dok syok berborak with Matju, suddenly aku nampak a familiar face. It was Haris! One of my Ausmat friend jugak. Tak sangka terserempak dengan Haris kat situ. Kebetulan, dia memang nak datang Chili's for lunch. Haris sat at our table and ordered his steak.  Sian Haris kena makan sorang2 coz kita orang dah habis makan masa tu. Warque ordered Molten Chocolate for Iman and Iffah.

Bila tengok the molten chocolate, aku tergoda sungguh. Tapi tak sampai hati nak musnahkan diet aku. For the first time pegi Chili's, I ate Tequila Lime Grilled Fish (non alcoholic). It was delicious! Lepas ni, bila pegi Chili's, boleh la aku makan the fish again.

Today, I received a message from Amy in my FB. She's back for good and planning for a gathering with the girls kat Chili's this Sunday! Argh! Chili's lagi! Aku rasa aku should letak nama aku kat dalam guest list Chilis tu as permanent guest. Ye la, manjang pegi makan Chili's.. hehehe .. aku rasa Hubby pun sure cuak nak menghantar aku ke Chilis lagi this Sunday.

 Tengok la dia org ni posing...

 Orang lain tengah syok berborak, dia sibuk ber BB... grrr..

 Molten Chocolate! kus semangat menahan nafsu....

 The boys..

 Iffah munching on fortune cookies yg dapat free kat information counter Empire.

Iman's fortune cookies.

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