Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weight Lost & BB Cream

I lost another 2kg. Total weight lost now is 8.5kg for month of January. I'm so happy! I need to lose another 5-8kg this month. I hope I can achieve that soon. Hubby cakap, once I lost 10kg, I can see significant changes to my body. I'm hoping to reach the 10kg mark soon.

Tapikan, semalam, I couldnt resist my sugar cravings. Especially bila bukak peti, ada leftover trifle from dinner on Monday tu. In the end, I succumbed to the temptation. Panggil trifle to jauh lagi kuat dari semangat aku. Huwaaa... I cheated!! I ate trifle!! Luckily bila timbang pagi ni, my weight didnt increase. Phew!

I've received good reviews from those yang beli BB cream from me. I'm very happy with the reviews. Aku ni jenis yg, bila aku cuba, takde problem, very good on my skin, then baru aku share. And I've tested all the BB cream product range and I love it! So far, aku dah deliver more than 20 tubs of BB cream (various product range) since last week. This week, I'm gonna add 2 more product to the BB cream range, the BB Boomer and Shiny BB Cream. Price for both is RM69.90. BB Cream Perfect Cover #23 and Water BB Cream dah out of stock. Now aku cuma ada BB Cream Perfect Cover #21, BB Boomer & Shiny BB Cream.

 BB Boomer RM69.90

BB Primer which boosts the adherence and duration of BB Cream and makes your skin look brighter with its pink pearl powder when applied before BB Cream.
- Whitening + Wrinkle repairing
- Containing moringa, patent ingredient, mannan and olive ingredients which have an affinity with skin, it keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield, leaving it moisturized after makeup.
- Containing adenosine and arbutin, it improves skin tone and fine lines.

Shiny BB Cream - RM69.90

It contains pearl powder to provide radiance to your skin and realizes glowing look as a pearl-based BB Cream.
- Sun blocking
- ATC complex, patent ingredient, protects and soothes your skin.
- Containing lotus flower extract, astaxanthin and jewelry ingredients such as
diamond powder and platinum, it protects the skin.
Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam - RM52. Love this a lot!

Super Aqua gives your skin radiance with a help from three revitalized water from nature.
Containing Sweet Flag Extract and Willow Bark Extract which gives a massage effect with its minute and rich bubbles, Super Aqua cleansing foam gently and completely removes makeup and impurities.


  1. wah! caiyalah kak!! you do look slimmer than b4! dah lost 10kg sure nmpk mcm anak dara! weewit!! janji sehat kan kak?

  2. Ju,

    hehe.. at last, my hard work is paying off. but i need to lose more! lepas ni boleh la i tukar2 baju dgn iman and iffah.. hahahha.. berangan sungguh :D

  3. Shidah
    Tahniah. In a month almost 10kg hilang, wow! Lepas nih bolehlah pakai kebaya, auwww..

    Sori to have confused you pasal Q when I wrote on your previous entry "Shidah, my komen pasal 'water' yg apply kat muka tu, I hope my Q tak buat you salah anggap ....."

    Q means Question :-)

  4. CS,

    alhamdulillah.. I'm so happy with my progress. tapikan, i asyik binging je this week. cant stop myself. I crave for sugar! seksa.. huhuhu..

    aisey! i ni memang pening sokmo. selalu confused. now i understand what Q means. :D

  5. banyak bb cream but yang mana satu yang ok kalu baru nak mencuba - i nak cun cam zarin gak heheh

    congrats babe lose weight - i hilang dalam mimpi ja lah hehehe

  6. Erma,

    depending on which one yg u prefer. the one yg zarin ambik tu, is perfect cover #21. if u like ur face ada speck of gold dusts, ala2 pakai sheer powder, then there's shiny bb cream :D

    thx! hehe.. it's HARD work.. penat gilaa :D

  7. dear i nak beli yang macam zarin tu exactly her type - misha yang merah hati tube dia tu how to buy from you?

  8. salam ermayum,

    is it possible for u to email me. my email is

    thank you