Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finger Food & Busy Saturday

It's gonna be another quick update today. My schedule is so packed, I dunno how I can squeeze in the girls' baking class in between. My morning will start with cardio in a short while. Then breakfast with Hazi at Empire Subang. After that, it will be lunch with Amy, Eli, Islah, Jana, Gee and Lily at Chili's (again.. *sigh*) Empire.

Anne will come to collect her corelle during lunch. After lunch, I'll need to rush home for the baking class. I'm gonna have a new student, Suhaila joining us this afternoon. Eh! I'm not making any money out of this tau, it's just kelas baking suka2.. hehe.. My girls love it. They're looking forward to every class. At least that will keep them occupied!

Crab Stick rolled in breadcrumbs

I used Japanese breadcrumbs.

This is super easy. Instead of just balut the crabstick with kulit popia, aku celup telur and rolled atas breadcrumbs and goreng. The girls love it. Cuma kena careful masa goreng, api tak boleh terlalu besar coz it will burn the crumbs.


  1. eeeheheeheee....tu breakfast kitorang yesterday..
    anak-anak bawak bekal ke sekolah...memang super easy dan sedaps kan?

    Before that bungkus crabstick ngan kulit popia, tapi mungkin goreng terlama sikit dalam minyak wlp api sederhana jer, popia tu meletops! crabstick tu mengembang dan terpancul keluar...heh3...

    pastu tak berani dah...penakut punya mak!
    takut minyak meletop kena muka, BB cream pun tak dapek nak ubeknyao, kan? ha3...

  2. Shidah,

    I hate to say this...hehe...but...
    K.Lili pong guna that Japanese breadcrumbs and Lingam's chili sauce!!! <3<3<3

  3. QJ,

    Yup, memang sedap! so irresistable. I was tempted to eat, tapi mengenangkan diet, terpaksa la memaksa diri untuk bersabar.

    mula2 i buat, the crab stick, balut dgn kulit popia je, and i had the same problem with u. itu yg timbul idea untuk celup dengan telur and golek atas breadcrumb, then baru la goreng. lagi sedap! :D

  4. K.Lili,

    Waa... biar betul! how come we're so alike? hehe.. kira nya kita ni sehari sejiwa la yek? :D