Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Blog To Read

Today, I found out that Mel ada blog. To those yang nak visit her blog, this is the link http://yarnatheart.blogspot.com/. I love Mel's fairies, so beautiful. I got to learn to make those fairies one of these days. She's into crochet and baking now. How I wish I'm that rajin!

Another cinnabon day for me. Aku baked another batch of cinnabon, and Kirin (Ausmat 7) came over to taste some of my cinnabon. hehe.. Semalam Rodd (yes k.min, ur Rodd) datang ambik some of the cinnabon. Rasa seronok pulak sebab ada frens yang drop by, ambik food yg aku masak. Thank you Allah for the blessing.

I wanted to scan Iman's baby photos, but sampai sekarang tak terbuat lagi. Maybe one of these days. Ni gambar Tiramisu yg aku buat a day before Iman's bday. It was a bit runny, and kena simpan 2 hari dalam fridge, baru set. Nevertheless, it was good! hehe..

My 1st attempt at making Tiramisu. In the 1st picture, it was a bit runny sebab baru je duduk dalam peti for 24 hours. The 2nd picture, it was great! The taste was also much better than the day before. Alhamdulillah jadi.

Tiramisu (1st Day)

Tiramisu (2nd Day)


  1. haha actually kak shidah, I'm not rajin at all...!!! You la yang rajin gile masak sedap2x everyday - wish I stay near your house - bolehla singgah and try your cooking and get inspired to cook .

  2. mel, meh la duduk kat sebelah rumah i ni. i can learn crochet from u :)