Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iman Crying.. Part 2

Pagi tadi, Iman's appointment kat Hospital Selayang. Last year she had severe stomach cramp. Pegi Selayang, then kena hospitalised for almost a week. So ni follow-up check up la. Doctor still couldnt figure out what's wrong with her. They refused to subject her to scoping or other test yg bahaya for kids. Kena main wait and see game. Aku tak la kesah sangat coz as it is now, her pain is less frequent than before.

Ok, back to why Iman cried in the Hospital. I cant really disclose it here, it's quite personal. The doctor said she might need a surgery to rectify it. Tu yang airmata berjurai2. Puas la aku pujuk. Seribu satu soalan keluar termasukla why premature baby like her always have problems etc.. *sigh*.. susah Mama nak jawab tu. Doctor Anita, the attending doctor, was very concerned bila tengok Iman menangis. Bila Iman nangis, muka dia nampak kesian sgt. Mesti patients lain yg dok tunggu kat luar ingat aku abuse Iman. hehe.. kesian anak Mama. Don't cry sayang, Mama is here..

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