Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been thinking on going for detox program for quite sometime. Then today I read dalam yahoo.com about Ask Dr. Ma Detox program which aku dah copy and paste kat bawah tu. Erm.. rasanya it's high time that I go on detox program. So tadi aku keluar dgn Hubby, pegi beli the vitamins, supplements, fruits and sayur2 to kick start our program tomorrow.

Wanna share a good detox juice. This recipe I learned from K.Anum, a very nice old lady yang akan datang urut aku once in a while. I'll upload the photo tomorrow

Detox Juice

2 biji green apple
1 biji capsicum hijau
1 biji timun
3 biji peria katak
3 batang celery

1. semua bahan tu blend, then tapis
2. masukkan dalam glass, then boleh minum

If possible, try to minum on empty stomach. Besides helping to detox, boleh kuruskan badan sama. To those suffering from diabetic, hyper tension, boleh nampak significant improvement in their overall health. Cuba la :)

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