Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Bila belek2, eh! rupanya takde entry pasal anak2 aku sangat. Ishk! apa la Mama ni. The reason aku buat blog pun initially untuk bercerita pasal my daughters and also apa yang aku masak. But tak banyak pun cerita pasal Iman and Iffah.

Today nak cakap pasal Iman dulu. She was born premature, at 33 weeks, but she was overweight for a premature baby. She was supposed to weigh around 1.4-1.5kg, but instead berat dia 2.3kg upon birth. Since it was unplanned delivery, maka aku tak sempat nak ambik injection (tak tau what it's call) untuk make her lung mature. So she ended up in NICU Ampang Puteri for 4 days, on ventilation machine and was transferred to the nursery for another 2 weeks. Kesian anak mama.

With premature delivery, ada high chances baby ada problem, the lesser time they spend in the womb, more health problem will bug them. In Iman's case, she is asthmatic, her nose bleeds easily (almost everyday now sebab panas sangat) and she's also dyslexic. She was a late boomer too. Masa she was about 6 mths old, she was still at 3 mths old baby milestone. I was worried, but alhamdulillah at 9 months she started talking. Lepas tu, dah tak boleh berenti bercakap. When she was 3 years old, her pediatrician noted that her vocabulary was at par with a six year old.

But, I realised that she's a bit slow when it comes to reading. I brought her to Dyslexic Center at Titiwangsa. She was diagnosed as mild dyslexic. Alhamdulillah she is able to read now, cuma masalah dia bila Math class. Susahnya nak buat Iman paham.

Anyway, semalam Iman cakap dia dapat no. 1. I was very happy for her, but Iffah was unhappy. Selalunya Iffah akan dapat nombor 2-3 dalam kelas, Iman akan dapat nombor yang corot. But now, Iman dapat no. 1, so Iffah takleh nak terima. Argh!! macam mana Mama nak explain kat Iffah that no.1 or no. 2 or nombor brapa sekali pun is just a number (Like Aunty As cakap).

Masa rehat semalam (Iman and Iffah rehat sama2 everyday, tu perintah Mama.. hehe)

Iman : Adik, kakak dapat nombor 1
Iffah : Ye ke? *skeptical*
Iman : Betul la adik.

Then kawan2 Iman datang, cakap kat iffah that Iman dapat no. 1. Guess what Iffah did?? She packed her stuff, then terus blah masuk kelas. So unhappy..


  1. wah iffah, sungguh emosi..hehehehehe.. anak no 2 mmg camtu kot..(pengalaman :))

    comel la gigi rongak tu..heh

  2. syndrome 2nd child. tapi Mama iffah tak mcm tu pun, 2nd child jugak :D

    gigi iffah tidak rongak lagi. dia happy sgt2 coz she has been a rongak girl for a very long time :D